Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Been too long. School's back in session, the first image was an assignment for my graphic essay class. Write about a place (fiction or non) and illustrate it. I chose a mad scientist laboratory. Overall pleased with it. Click the images to see em' bigger. Comments/criticism always welcome. Hope you're all doing well.

Also, I have no idea why this last image turned blue. I tried uploading it several times. If you have any idea why it would do that let me in on the secret eh?


Lizzy said...

I really liked your lab, I think it's a really nice piece. And the blue thing was happening to me, too: Switch your JPEGs to RGB, or start using a Flickr or Photobucket account to upload images. Caitlin just told me about that.

M.B. said...

Stank ya very much! I'll have to look into the Flickr thing. Definitely dont want any more blue images.