Friday, January 7, 2011

Advertising Week

A project I did my last semester of school for the Advertising Week conference in New York.

I got to work with students from the VCU Brandcenter who had been assigned to create the promotional and informational material for Ad Week 2010 in New York. The tagline for the conference was "Get Out of Your Head". Essentially the idea was to show the feeling during the moment inspiration strikes.

The colors used matched the colors of the logo for the event. Unfortunately my (and my coworkers') work was never used for the actual event. I was reluctant to release my illustration as I didn't know if the project would be killed or not, but the conference has already taken place so I don't see why it would be an issue now.

I was pretty satisfied with the final product as an abstract concept being represented visually.

Apologies for not updating. I graduated the past Spring and have been re-evaluating, well, my life. I've sort of taken a hiatus from illustration since graduation and hopefully will be updating more often from now on.

Happy New Years everyone!



Jared Boggess said...

Dude! Love it. I think yours was the only one I hadn't seen yet. It was unfortunate we never saw them come to fruition, but the assignment was fun none the less. I've waited to post mine for the same reasons, so perhaps I'll get it up there soon.

Matthew Blissard said...

Thanks Jared! And yeah, I'd really like to see yours as well. I can't imagine there would be any negative consequences since the conference is over.

Ashleigh Mills said...

I really like the feel of this one. Definitely works with the message you had.

Also I definitely know how you feel since graduating. I feel like there's so much in front of me that I need to do that I can't decide where to start. It's been hard to do more work for my portfolio without any reason to, and without people around me in the same boat. I've applied for tons of jobs and had a couple interviews but no luck yet.

Hang in there! Being 20-something sucks.